Our service should provide prospective partners, which covers the entire operation.
- Vehicle fleet maintenance (including servicing)
- Security services
- Securing VIP personals
- Securing limousine with chauffeur and bodyguard
- Securing sheltered house or hotel service
- Providing hunting services to special guests
- Transfer and protection of money and values
- Private investigation

We are a Professional Private Investigator Agency, the investigation services we provide are obtained discretely, professionally and cost effectively in a timely manner.
We are a Worldwide Private Investigator Agency, based in the Hungary we are well placed and efficient in dealing with our fellow private investigators in every country Worldwide.
Investigations can provide various private detective services on behalf of private, legal and corporate clients from around the world, we are experienced private investigators situated in the heart of Worldwide.


Vinko Robert

 private investigator
Tel.: +36709327538 (H)